Source Issuer Rating
AA_DE LVM Lebensversi.. A+
AA_DE PB Lebensversic.. A
AA_DE LVM Krankenvers.. A++
AA_DE LVM Landwirtsch.. A++
AA_DE W├╝rttembergisc.. A+
RP - 2020-08-21
The Indian Rating market

RP - 2020-06-29
OECD updates country risk classification

RP - 2020-01-17
Global Sovereign Rating calendar now available

Regulatory use: Europe, Middle East and Africa

The graph below shows the credit rating agencies headquartered in the EMEA region.

Please note that some agencies may be registered or recognized in furhter countries. Note further that CRAs having their headquarter outside of the EMEA rergion are not represented in this picture.


Over time, we shall expand our research on the regulatory framework in this region. As a start, you shall find information on the European Union and Swiss framework on Credit Rating Agencies.



The Supervisor of Credit Rating Agency in Dubai is the Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”)

Agencies operating in Dubai need to comply with the requirements as specified in the “Specific rules COB 8 – Operating a Credit Rating Agency 

Registered Agencies

List of Credit Rating Agencies in Dubai (CRAs registered with DFSA)

Relations with European Union

On February 7th, 2013, ESMA and DFSA entered into a Memorandum of Unterstanding regarding the supervision of cross-border Credit Rating Agencies. Ratings issued in Dubai may now be endorsed by European registered rating agencies.