Source Issuer Rating
AA_DE Generali Deutsc.. A
AA_DE PrismaLife AG BBB+
AA_DE RheinLand Versi.. A+
AA_DE Rhion Versicher.. A+
RP - 2020-10-27
OECD updates country risk classification for 3 countries

RP - 2020-08-21
The Indian Rating market

RP - 2020-06-29
OECD updates country risk classification

EU Market Shares


According to Article 8d of the EU Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies, requires issuers and related third parties intending to appoint at least 2 CRAs to consider appointing one "small" CRA (defined as having less than 10% market share measured against revenues). ESMA shall publish annually a corresponding market shares calculation.

On December 26th, 2013December 22nd, 2014December 18th, 2015, and December 16th, 2016 ESMA published the corresponding reports.


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Based on the transparency reports of EU registered CRAs for the fiscal year 2016, we have calculated the current market shares.

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