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AA_DE Verband öffent.. A+
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AA_DE RheinLand Holdi.. A+
RP - 2022-04-04
Estimated EU and UK credit rating agencies market shares for 2021

RP - 2022-02-04
Scheduled Sovereign Rating Reviews for February 2022

RP - 2022-01-03
ESMA publishes EU rating agencies market shares report

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AM Best
Country of Residence:
United States
Languages spoken:

A.M. Best Europe-Rating Services Limited is the European subsidiary of AM Best, a global rating agency founded in 1899 in the United States and focusing exclusively on the insurance market. AM Best operates under the issuer-pays model.

Registered as CRA in the EU:
Certified as CRA in the EU:
ECAI Status:
European Union
Registered as CRA in:
United Arab Emirates, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Singapore, United States

Registration status in the EU

AMBERS is registered with ESMA since September 9th, 2011.  

Since 1. January 2014, AMBERS is also a recognized ECAI across the whole European Union. The mapping of ratings to the 6 Credit Quality Steps under the Standardized approach for Banks and the 7 Steps under Solvency II is as follows:

AMBERS endorses selected ratings issued by AM Best (based in the US and registered as NRSRO with the SEC) and AM Best Asia Pacific (affiliated company domiciled in Hong Kong) outside of the European Union. 

AMBERS is considered a small Credit rating agency for the purpose of Article 8d of CRAIII. 

Registration outside of the EU

AM Best is registered as NRSRO with the US SEC, is recognised by the NAIC and by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. AM Best is further recognized in Australia, Brazil, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

AM Best is also recognized in New Zealand.

Market Segments Covered:
Countries Covered:
Business Model:

Business model: AM Best operates under the “issuer-pays” model, where the rated entity pays the agency for assigning the rating. AM Best focuses exclusively on the insurance sector

Coverage: AM Best covers the insurance market globally.

Availability of ratings and reports at website: While press releases and some commentaries are freely available, you will need to register an account with AM Best in order to view rating information.