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Scope Spain A-
Scope China A+
Scope United Kingdom AA
OECD Hong Kong 2
OECD Myanmar 7
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GBB-Rating Gesellschaft fuer Bonitaetsbeurteilung mbH ("GBB") is a German agency operating under a special model and assigns ratings to all German private commercial banks.

Registered as CRA in the EU:
Certified as CRA in the EU:
ECAI Status:
European Union

GBB is registered as CRA with ESMA since July 28th, 2011.

Since 1. January 2014, GBB is also a recognized ECAI across the whole European Union. 

On November 1st, 2016, the following mapping of ECAI ratings to the 6 Credit Quality Steps under the Standardized approach for Banks (Capital Requirements Regulation, CRR) and the 7 Steps under Solvency II for insurances in the EU entered into force:


Note that additional rating scales may have been mapped. To view all mappings, login with your account and read the “RP Research” on this agency. To see how this agency’s mapping compares with other agencies, please read our dedicated page on the EU ECAIs.


GBB is considered a small Credit rating agency for the purpose of Article 8d of CRAIII. 

Market Segments Covered:
Other Corporates, Financial Institutions
Countries Covered:
Business Model:
special model

Business model: GBB operates under a special model as it rates all German private banks under a framework agreement. The ratings are not publicly available as these are used to calculate each banks contribution to the Collective Deposit Guarantee scheme for private banks.

Coverage: GBB covers Banks and leasing companies in Germany. It has also published a rating methodology for German “Mittelstand” Corporate ratings.

Availability of ratings and reports at website: GBB publishes only a very limited share of its ratings on its website.  A selection is being available here: