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RP - 2022-04-04
Estimated EU and UK credit rating agencies market shares for 2021

RP - 2022-02-04
Scheduled Sovereign Rating Reviews for February 2022

RP - 2022-01-03
ESMA publishes EU rating agencies market shares report

Regulatory use - overview

In this section, we shall clarify the regulatory use of ratings in different countries. Reflecting the European origin of RATINGPLATFORM, we have first focused on the legal regime in the European Union, which takes into account thee types of sources of assessments: Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs), External Credit Assessment Institutions ("ECAI") and Export Credit Agencies ("ECA").

In addition, you shall find information on 1) countries where the European Securities and Markets Authority ("ESMA"), solely responsible for the supervision of CRAs in Europe, concluded that the regulatory regime on Credit rating agencies is equivalent to the European one and 2) countries, from which ratings can be endorsed by European agencies. These countries are:

Argentina, Australia, BrazilCanada, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and the United States.

Furthermore, we have included information on the following countries: Costa RicaEcuador,Switzerland and Uruguay